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The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe Courses Plus 50% Off

HI DARLINGS! So if you did not make it to the conferee this year you missed out on Joy Macdonell’s amazing class “The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Finding Your Style” and The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Picking a Palette  These are the best courses I have taken in a long time and as a seasoned seamstress I still often make things just because new patterns release and I want to sew them up instead of really taking time figure out what my everyday wardrobe is lacking. I often say I don’t have anything to wear because I am making things for the blog but not always just for myself.


Here is a description of the

“The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Finding Your Style” Learn to strategically translate your style to your closet and plan for your new wardrobe projects. Building a wardrobe takes skill and organization. Evaluating your lifestyle, your favorite garment pieces, colors, and fabrics will lead you to the answers you need to curate a collection of your favorite garments. In this class, we will clean out our closets and find our hang-ups. We will learn to think about what garments we love to buy and need to make over and over again. By the end of the class you will have a plan for how to shop for new garments, fabrics, materials, and sewing & knitting patterns and know what garment you want to make or buy next.

The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Picking a Palette Color is a language that communicates without words. Your personality is represented in the colors you choose to wear in your wardrobe. Your mood, feelings, and attitudes can all be effected by the color you wear. In addition, your wardrobe is key to eliciting the emotional response you want from others. Color harmony is essential to a wardrobe. In creating a palette to wear, instead of focusing on a single color, a range of colors should be selected. A wardrobe with a personal color palette will confidently express your style.

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Joy Macdonell is a professional Maker and Content Creator. She has had many roles in the Craft Industry from Independent Shop Owner to Product Development Director to Creative Content Director. While at EK Success Brands and Simplicity Creative Group, Joy worked with major brands including: Martha Stewart Crafts, American Girl, Disney, and Sesame Street.

She created Scrapbook Design & You (SDU) while at EK Success Brands which became a national education program for scrapbooking available at local scrapbook stores, Michaels, Joann Fabric and Craft Stores, and AC Moore. She has had the pleasure of teaching in-person craft classes all over the world for the past 16 years. You can also visit with her at her online sewing and knitting classes on and

Her experiences behind the camera have been her greatest joy! Beginning in 2001 she made over 50 appearances on Scrapbooking by DIY then hosted her own show, Greetings from DIY on the DIY Network. Joy then went on to host 3 seasons of Crafting at the Spotted Canary for PBS. She is also a craft expert on The Home Shopping Network representing Martha Stewart Crafts and on YouTube representing Simplicity Sewing Patterns.

She is delighted to offer digital education that you can access at your convenience. Her clear instructions and professional demonstrations will teach you how to develop and improve your crafting skills at your own pace.

She looks forward to meeting her students on her social platforms:

Instagram: @JoyMacdonell

YouTube: Joy Macdonell

Pinterest: JoyMacdonell

Twitter: CraftingWithJoy




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