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Hi Darlings, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I had a great time hanging out with family and I even got a little sewing in. This past weekend we also posted our latest Sew It Academy vest & trouser course and it is so good. The trousers were in course #77 but this one is a no-front pleat version. The vest is fully lined and so fun to make. I made mine in a SPECKLED WOOL from Melanated Fabrics and it looks so chic.

If you are new to sewing Sew It is perfect for you! The courses should be followed in order because that is how it was designed for total newbies, you won't have to guess what to do next because I walk you through every step. If you are not new to sewing you may enjoy the patterns that are provided with the sewing steps in detail. You can skip around to whatever courses are of interest to you. Join Sew It Academy Here


Thank you for reading!


Mimi G


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