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HELLO DARLINGS! We are so excited to finally announce the launch of SEW IT ACADEMY MEN’S EDITION. We have been quietly working on this for some time now and we are thrilled. The requests from men asking us to do a SEW IT MENS EDITION was incredible, so after months of going back and forth, we decided we couldn’t leave the fellas’ out because #dopemensew too.

The SEW IT MEN’S subscription works just like the women’s. It’s a totally separate monthly subscription designed for men where we will be making menswear only, BUT if you are a woman who wants to learn to sew for her hubby or sons you are welcomed to join.

If you are a current member of Sew It Women’s you get a special discount so make sure to check your email since we sent notices out today.

Table of Contents



  1. You can start at any time!

  2. Cancel your membership at any time!

  3. There is no limit on when you need to start a course or how quickly you need to complete it.

  4. Designed to be taken at YOUR pace.

  5. Your monthly membership is automatically deducted so you never miss a course.

  6. Courses never expire as long as you are a current paid member.



FEBRUARY: Course #1 The Basics Part One

  1. Introduction & What to Expect

  2. This Is a Sewing Machine: Parts and Functions

  3. Setting Up Your Basic Sewing Kit

  4. Learning to Sew a Straight Line: Practice Worksheets

  5. Threading Your Machine & Winding Your Bobbin

  6. Basic Stitches & Terms: Examples, Worksheets and Printable PDF

  7. Homework Assignments

  8. Course Projects

MARCH: Course #2 The Basics Part Two

  1. Pressing: Why and How

  2. Sewing Straight Lines & Curves

  3. Sewing & Treating Convex Curves

  4. Sewing & Treating Concave Curves

  5. How to Sew Half & Quarter Circles

  6. Clipping vs. Notches

  7. Stay Stitching: What, Why & How

  8. Under-Stitching: What, Why & How

  9. Top Stitching: What, Why & How

  10. Practice Worksheets & Printable PDF’s

  11. Course Projects

APRIL: Course #3 Working with Knits

  1. Identifying Types of Knits

  2. Best Practices: What to Use, How to Use It, and Why

  3. Seam Finishes and Techniques

  4. Tips and Tools Needed

MAY: Course #4 Copying Your Favorite T-Shirt

  1. Drafting a T-Shirt Pattern

  2. Design Modifications

  3. Fit Adjustments

  4. Creating a Sloper

  5. Step-By-Step Sewing

  6. Finishes and Homework

JUNE: Course #5 Basic Tailoring

  1. Learn to alter your ready to wear pants and shirt

  2. Waist Adjustments

  3. Hem Adjustments

  4. Leg Tapering

  5. Shirt Side Seam Alterations

  6. Sleeve Alterations

JULY: Course #6 Basic Zip Up Jacket

  1. Using Sloper to Create Zip Up Jacket

  2. Working with Zippers

  3. Adding Pockets

  4. Working with Bands

  5. Working with Cuffs

  6. Adding a Collar

AUGUST: Course #7 Let’s Make a Duffle

  1. Working with Duffle Pattern

  2. Attaching with Zippers

  3. Adding Pockets

  4. Creating Bag Lining

  5. Attaching Hardware

SEPTEMBER: Course #8 Drafting Pattern for Joggers/Shorts 

  1. Creating Pattern Based on Measurements

  2. Choosing Fabrics

  3. Testing Pattern & Creating Sample

  4. Making Fit Adjustments

  5. Adding Casings & Elastics

  6. Attaching Eyelets & Drawstring

OCTOBER: Course #9 Intro to Working with Commercial Patterns

  1. Reading the Envelope

  2. Understanding Terms and Symbols

  3. Choosing the Right Size

  4. How To Cut the Pattern

  5. How to Modify the Pattern

NOVEMBER: Course #10 Classic Button Up Shirt

  1. Cutting Pattern

  2. Testing Pattern

  3. Creating Sample Garment for Fitting

  4. Learning Basic Fit Adjustments to Body, Shoulders, Neck, etc.

  5. Choosing Fabrics

  6. Classic Sewing Techniques

  7. Classic Seam Finishes

  8. Step-By-Step Sewing Using Classic Techniques

DECEMBER: Course #11 The Perfect Slacks

  1. Cutting Pattern

  2. Testing Pattern

  3. Creating Sample Garment for Fitting

  4. Learning Basic Fit Adjustments to Length, Waist etc.

  5. Choosing Fabrics

  6. Classic Seam Finishes

  7. Step-By-Step Sewing Using Classic Techniques

  8. Design Modifications/Options

Additional courses beyond the first 11 will be posted at a later date but include a blazer course and coat course.




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