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Pretty In Pink + Fabric Link

Hi Darlings,

First let me say that Adrienne and I are so thankful for the amount of love you guys show Stitched9. So, last week we added a new item on the site that sold out so fast I didn’t even have time to post it here on the blog! it was the fastest sell out we have had with a less than 10 hour blowout. So even though the dress is not available on Stitched9 at the moment I wanted to share the pics of my test dress (in pink) and the final dress in a floral print.

The dress is a combination of dresses I have made for myself and added to S9.  Although I did not plan a tutorial for this one, I have been emailed to death about it! LOL so, it has been added to the list for the summer. The fabric for the floral print is available online HERE for all my DIY’ers. The tutorial will be up in June, but I would suggest buying the fabric now before it is gone. Buy at least 3 yards.

This is the floral print  fabric which you can still get HERE

This dress is sold out on Stitched9 but will return in other colors soon.

My pink fabric is not available online any longer but you can use a similar knit found HERE



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