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My Sewing Book Is Here! Features and Extras

Hi Darlings! After two years of working on my book it has finally hit stores and I am not sure it has fully hit me yet. The magnitude of being an author and having published my first book has been quite the experience. I am so blown away by the amount of comments, encouragement, excitement and support you guys have shown me. I was sold out amazon by the next day and some retailers are currently on back order, thank you for this!

I have been posting almost daily about the book but I wanted to share a few things that I really love about the book and that I am hoping will be helpful to you.

sewing book


My book includes the seven base patterns that I use to hack and create an additional 18 patterns but I should mention that as with all sewing books that contain patterns in the back they are always layered over each other which means you have to trace the pattern pieces and can't cut. For some this is no problem for others they prefer having digital files. The great news is that as an extra bonus when you purchase the book you can EMAIL my team with proof f purchase and you will get an email with the link to the digital PDF as well as the copy shop files.


I am always listening to what fans and followers say about patterns and their fear of drafting, hacking or even just adding to existing commercial patterns and so my purpose with my book is to remove that fear and widen peoples view of working with patterns. Understanding that a pattern is simply a guide and you can and should always look at a pattern and imagine what else you can create with that one pattern. This book is a guide to expanding you creativity, removing fear and simplifying the process.

Pattern-making and hacking can be intimidating but I truly believe this book will show you an easy and fearless way to dive in which in turn will open your eyes to the possibilities the next time to you look at a pattern and wish it had pockets or a different length, or a certain shape. You will be able to look at that pattern and instead say I can add pockets, change the length or even the shape and do so with confidence.


I created over 100 looks from the 18 patterns we draft in the book by simply making them out of various fabrics. In many instances the fabric choice changes the entire look of a pattern. The shacket for example looks completely different when made out of denim and turns into beautiful oversized, dropped shoulder button up shirt when made with a cotton or rayon. You would not think that both are made from the same pattern. This is the case with so many of the hacks I chose to design for the book. There is something for everyone!

I am so excited to finally share this huge milestone in my life and I thank you so much for the support. Please share with your friends, repost on socials and lets make this the best sewing book ever.


Here are a few looks from the book, Thank you!


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