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HI DARLINGS! Many of you have been with me a long time and have seen me try all sorts of things when it comes to my health, some I liked and some I just couldn’t keep up with. Over the last 6 months, I have been doing pretty good on the Paleo diet and in some areas it worked for me but I couldn’t tell what it was doing to me on the inside. I still felt in a sense “heavy” weighted down. Then about 8 days ago a friend posted about a documentary he had watched and since I am a docu junkie I had to see it.

The documentary is “What The Health” and minutes after watching it 8 days ago I cleared my kitchen of all meat and dairy and have been eating a plant-based diet since then. I won’t go as far as saying that I am now a vegan because that carries a lot of weight and there is so much more involved that I couldn’t even begin to pretend to I understand it all. I immediately thought to myself “what the f*** are we gonna eat now” LOL! so I opened my Pinterest account and started searching for plant based recipes. I am not going to go into why the documentary changed me because everyone has the right to think what they want and feel how they want so I just leave it up to you to watch it if you wish and to make whatever changes work for YOU. The docu can be found on Netflix.

So as soon as I posted I got SO MANY messages about what I planned to eat and what my meals would look like so I promised I would share. I am an organization master and in order to succeed I know, I needed to plan out every meal. I did not take pics of everything because it was my first week and I we were all adjusting but I am hoping going forward that on Mondays I can share a recipe or something we really loved to help you guys along.

Here is the meal plan we had last week, It fed 4 and my total grocery bill was $101.97!! next Monday I will share this weeks plan… (for recipes click the linked text below)


Breakfast, Avocado Toast: I just smashed an avocado, add olive oil, lemon juice and some red pepper flakes, a bit of salt and pepper and spread it on a dairy free bread I found at Trader Joes.

Lunch/Dinner, Pot Pie: I had made this pot pie when I was on the Paleo diet and since I am still trying to limit my grains and gluten I made it again but without the chicken. The recipe is HERE (just don’t add chicken, add more veggies and make double the crust, the recipe as is is never enough, also FREEZE the dough for about an hour otherwise it’s nearly impossible to work with)


Breakfast, Cinnamon Banana Pancakes ( the recipe I used in the book I got “Vegan Cookbook for Beginners” was not very good, they were dense and tasteless. I am currently trying other recipes. 

Lunch, Mexican Bowl: This BOWL is super easy and yummy but I used THIS dressing instead.

Dinner, Cauliflower Fried Rice: I did not care for THIS at all although Norris didn’t think it was too bad. The only thing about this was the cauliflower rice didn’t soften but I learned later that I need to use a different brand and steam it first.


Breakfast, PB  w/ Banana Toast: Easy and quick and so good since I love Peanut Butter.

Lunch, Cilantro Garlic Potatos w/ Salad: THESE are SO GOOD and we just had it with a salad and that dressing above which is addictive and I wanna pour it on everything.

Dinner, Veggie Burger: We tried a “fast food” place called Veggie Grill and it was delicious. It sorta gave me a fix and a break from cooking.


Breakfast, Avocado Toast (same as above)

Lunch,  Penne w/ Mushroom Artichoke: This was amazing!!! I bought BROWN RICE PASTA at Trader Joe’s and I couldn’t tell the difference from regular pasta. The recipe, however, is in the book I mentioned above. I will make and share it again next week if I get permission to post it on the blog.

Dinner, Roasted Veggies/ Mustard Dressing w/ Salad: I used THIS recipe minus the bacon.


Breakfast, Smoothie: Fruit, green tea, and some mint leaves.

Lunch, Cucumber Tomato Avocado Salad: I cut eat THIS all day it’s so good.

Dinner, Mexican Rice Casserole: I used THIS recipe minus the cheese and only 6oz of enchilada sauce.


Breakfast, Fruit Bowl: Whatever I had in my fridge

Lunch, Roasted Veggies/ Salad: Same as above

Dinner, Chickpea Stew w/ Brown Rice: THIS was so tasty and will be on the menu again soon.


Breakfast: We tried a vegan restaurant called Cafe Gratitude and it was so good!!! We had Chilaquiles and French Toast

Dinner: We just had leftovers

Here is my grocery list minus the items I had in my fridge and cupboards already. I hope this helps you if you are looking to start and just need a little help.

  1. Whole Wheat Flower

  2. Egg Replacement

  3. Unsweet Almond Milk

  4. Unsweet Apple Sauce

  5. Pecans

  6. Red Wine Vinegar

  7. Dried Rosemary

  8. Black Beans

  9. Corn Tortillas

  10. Can of Artichoke

  11. Penne Pasta (whole wheat)

  12. White Wine

  13. Brown Rice

  14. Peas

  15. Chili Garlic Sauce

  16. Sesame Oil

  17. Hominy Beans

  18. Can Green Chilies

  19. Enchilada Sauce

  20. Bananas

  21. Avocados

  22. Cucumbers

  23. Red/orange Peppers

  24. Corn

  25. Green Onions

  26. Red Onion

  27. Parsley

  28. Jalapeno

  29. Zucchini

  30. Apples

  31. Dried Cranberries

  32. Cauliflower

  33. Button Mushrooms

  34. Ginger

  35. Mint

  36. Carrots

  37. Frozen Strawberries

  38. Frozen Mango

  39. Orange Juice












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