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HI DARLINGS! I had time to do a monthly makes video and I am so happy about it because it lets me see what I have managed to make in 30 days and I always amaze myself. I hope you enjoy the video and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL if you haven’t already.


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Hey guys, it’s your girl, Mimi G. and today I am doing a monthly makes video. Okay. This is everything that I’ve made in the month of September, but two of them are actually from August. I made them the last two weeks in August. But you guys didn’t get in August. Makes video because I didn’t sell very much in August. It was super busy so I didn’t have a whole lot to show you guys. Um, so I just included those two garments into my September monthly makes. So here’s all of that. So the first garment I made and I love is this a polka dot dress. Um, this is a macaws pattern. I love this dress. First of all, I’m here for the puffy sleeve and I love that it’s form fitting. After I made it, I was like, I wish I would have made it just a tad bit longer.

Cause I usually like for my dresses to come mid knee, I rarely ever wear things that are above my knee. And it’s not for anything. Like, I don’t really care about modesty to be honest. It’s not that, um, it’s just like a personal preference. When I look at dresses on me, I just like that length. So, but this is a little shorter. This is above the knee for sure. Um, what I really love is how easy the neckline was. So when I posted it, everybody was like, Oh, um, can you do so along and how to do the V nag? And I was like, no, cause it’s really not that hard. It’s literally just a regular crew neck and then you put elastic in the center and pull it to create sort of that gathering. So it obviously pulls it down and creates the V look, but it’s actually not a V neck.

So, um, I love this dress. Everybody loved this dress. This fabric was from mood. It’s a on wool blend. So it’s a little on the warm side, which works well if I want it to wear it with like tights and boots during the fall. The next thing is one of my simplicity, uh, patterns that released not long ago. I think it was the last set. No, the one PR. I don’t know what, listen, I release a lot of simplicity. I don’t know which one this was. It was super recent though. I know that. Um, and it’s the lawn duster and matching pants. So I made two for the pattern envelope. Um, you guys can see that I did it in a print and then I did it in two solid colors so that you guys could see the lines. Um, I always think that it’s easier for you guys to see the lines, especially on a pattern envelope if it’s an a solid.

So if I do do a print, I like to include a solid version for you guys to see. Um, I love this duster at [inaudible] and that just cause I made it, I just love it. And you can wear it. Like with jeans, I wore it to do a radio interview with my husband and I wore it with like a tank top and some jeans and I wore my duster open and it was just really fly and really amazing. Um, and then also in that same pattern envelope, you get the pants. So high waisted cinched, it has gathering side pockets, they’re flowy. You could make them super long or you can crop them to make them above the ankle. They look great both ways. So I love that pattern so much. The other pattern that I was obsessed with is a macaws pattern and it’s for this dress.

So this dress, I don’t know what it was, I don’t know. It was a combination of like these amazing sleeves and this cinched waist and just the whole style of this dress. I just love this so much. It was so comfortable to wear. Um, it has side pockets, right? So that’s amazing. Anything with pockets just makes everything even better. Um, and I just really love this dress. This was like a total hit. I made this. Um, I know Erica made it, um, in yellow, looked amazing. I planned to make that dress again in a solid color cause it’s just a super functional dress. You could dress it up, you could wear it to work, you could wear sneakers and have a lunch date. Like it’s a super versatile dress. And I say super a lot. I just realized I have subbed super like at least eight times in this video. But you know what? It’s alright cause it’s super okay. Let’s see what else we got.

All right. I made an other version of my own duster. Listen, I rarely do that because when I make a pattern for you guys with simplicity, I’ve made it, I don’t know, eight months before you actually see it. You know what I’m saying? So after I design it and I make it and I photograph it and then I make another version, when I film it, I’m over it. You know what I’m saying? I’m over the, I don’t want to see it no more. But this one I’m telling you, I just love it. So I made the duster again in this really pretty yellow or mustardy black floral print looked great. I wore it with a little bralette that I had gotten from urban Outfitters and everybody loved it. Um, so that was a hit. I don’t think I’m going to make it again cause I’ve made it at least three times now.

So I think I’m good. But it is a really great and functional pattern because that duster can be made out of a ton of fabrics and can be worn so many different ways. You can belt it, you can wear it the way it is. You can wear it open, you can wear with jeans, you can wear it with leggings, you can wear with a con as a dress if you want it to. So, okay. Then I made a two piece so I rarely ever will. So two things and then wear them together in one blog post because I try to like expand my DIY as if I wear everything and one posts. Then I’m like, I ain’t got nothing for another day. So I generally will have, I make pants, I wear a ready to wear a top, or if I make a top then I wear ready to wear pants so I can make my, my DIY is last, but this one had to be worn together.

So I made this little Cami, which I love. I had gotten, it wasn’t even a yard of fabric. I think it was like three quarters of a yard of a remnant fabric that I found at Micheal Levine’s. I love the color so much. So I bought it thinking the only thing I can make is a Cami. I was writing, the only thing I could squeeze out of it was a Cami, but it worked perfect cause I wore it with these neon pink pants. Now if you look at the picture, I was bright. Okay. I was Baaaarrriiiggghtt, right? I look like a damn highlighter, pink highlighter and a yellow highlighter. But I was fly. Okay. And everybody loved it. These pants, really great. Love the front. Please love the pockets. What I really love is this front yolk cause you rarely ever see pants, especially patterns with that have this sort of front yoke.

I think it’s really great. I did end up lengthening them some because I didn’t want the pattern of the waist to fall like in an awkward place. That needs to be a high waist. So if I was designing the pattern, I would’ve brought the waist up. So I just slashed and spread and brought it up. Some sled, it fit sort of my body a little better, especially if you have hips, you want a higher waist so that it cinches and then doesn’t make you look all weird. Then the last piece that I made, which again everybody went on Instagram and on the blog went nuts over this look. It’s actually two different patterns. So the top, um, I guess it’s a button up dress. This is actually a Vogue pattern which I soon as I saw it I was like this is fantastic. First of all it’s a long, it’s like shirt, dress as long button up, which is perfect cause you can wear it so many different ways.

You can wear open, you can wear clothes. I loved the box, sort of drop shoulder sleeve really great. What I also loved was how wide they made the waist, the little band. Right. So I love this cause anything that, anytime that I make something, especially if I’m going to wear it with a belt, I try to make a sell fabric belt. So if I want to wear it together, I can, and this one was already wide, so I didn’t have to do nothing to it. It also has side slits. So that was awesome. And then I knew that I wanted to wear it together so it looked a little bit like, I don’t know, like lounge wear, like sexy lounge wear. And then I wore it with that same little bralette so it totally had like this little sexy like night vibe going on. And then, so I decided I was going to make these pants.

These are Berta. This is a bird pattern. I love these joggers. They’re super great. See, I said super. Again, I love the two elastics and the drawstring. Um, we got this really thick, um, drawstring, which I just think adds to the sort of look versus that little like chintzy little one that doesn’t look that great. Um, I love that they’re a little bit dropped, um, on the crotch and they’re, I don’t, probably just a little bit above my ankle and they fall a little high, but not enough. So I did raise the crotch a little bit. So that the waistband would sit higher on my waist. Um, and I loved them. I love them together. But what I love most is like I can wear them separately, right? I can wear the pants with whatever and I can wear the shirt with whatever. And so anything, anytime that you can get the most use out of something that you’ve sown, the better it is. All right, guys. That’s everything that I made in the month of September with two little things that I made in August, and hopefully, fingers crossed. I have enough sowing time that you’ll get another monthly makes in October. Peace



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