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HI DARLINGS! I partnered with Dove to create my most recent sleeveless DIY tutorial and to share why I love to use Dove Invisible Antiperspirant. For the last 20 years of my life, I have been able to make my clothes, tailor store-bought pieces and refashion thrifted finds.

Many of you know that my favorite thing to make are dresses and specifically strapless or sleeveless dresses, however, wearing them requires some thought. I don’t know about you, but I am always concerned about how my underarms look, It sounds funny, but it’s so true, and we all know it.

We spend a lot of time moisturizing our bodies but how often have you thought specifically about your underarm skin? I will admit that I never really thought about that area of my body aside from shaving. After partnering with Dove, I learned how amazing their Dove Advanced Care Clear Tone antiperspirant was not only for 48-hour odor protection but for overall care. I learned that it’s formulated with calendula which helps to restore skin to its natural tone. It also prevents irritation, uneven skin tone (no more dark spots ladies!) and dryness.


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Now that I got some serious underarm confidence I thought I would share a little DIY I created using a beautiful silk dress I found at a thrift store recently. I loved the silk fabric, but as you can see below, it was frumpy, had too much sleeve action which was fine because I was going for a sleek sleeveless look anyway.

Here is a look at the before!



Now let’s update this dress! Here are some of the steps I took.

  1. I first pinned the hem together so I could cut across evenly, working with silky fabric can be tricky so the more control you have the better.

  2. Using a rotary cutter and ruler, I trimmed off the skirt hem.

  3. Carefully and delicately I used my seam ripper to remove both my sleeves.

  4. I decided to use bias binding to finish my now sleeveless dress.

  5. I stitched my bias binding down.

  6. I pressed my bias flat for a smooth look.

  7. The elastic was so old! I removed it by making a small opening in the casing.

  8. Using new elastic 1/4” wide I replaced it.

  9.  I used a safety pin to help me sift my elastic through the casing.

  10. The last step was to finish the hem of my skirt with a double fold



Okay, you ready to see my greatness? I love the way the dress looks. I loved the 100% silk fabric but the style needed some updating, now with a cleaner sleeveless look, I am ready to hit the streets but not before putting on some Dove Antiperspirant and picking the perfect shoes.




I always make sure to carry my antiperspirant spray in my handbag because I can’t count the times I have run out of the house and realized I forgot to put on deodorant. Now no matter where I am I have odor and wetness protection that will last up to 48 hours while enjoying the benefits of NutriMoisture™ which I learned helps my skin retain moisture and balance over time.


I love how such a simple DIY can completely transform this dress from frumpy to sassy!

Make sure to take care of your entire body including your lovely underarms and never be afraid to go sleeveless again.



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