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HI DARLINGS! It’s been so long since I blogged I almost forgot how to log in, lol! This is my rehearsal dinner look that I never got to wear. So obviously you guys know that for several months leading to the wedding we were beyond busy and focusing on meeting deadlines in our business and making sure the wedding went off without a hitch, and it did but we did not have a lot of time for blogging and recreational sewing.

I did manage to finish my reception party dress in time which I will share later, we are waiting for our photographer to send us final images and our videographer to send us the video so we can share those too but until then I thought I would share this look.

So VOGUE 9375 is for a more casual almost sporty look but since I always do what I want anyway I decided I wanted to make it using a gorgeous LACE I got at FABRIC.COM and it was even prettier when I got it and saw it in person.

I love this look so much and if you watch the video below you will see me chatting about it! I didn’t end up wearing it simply because when we got to the hotel I was tired, didn’t feel like wearing it and instead put on a white lace dress I had brought with me that required no ironing, LOL! The nice thing about this two piece is I can wear them seprately and that is always nice.



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Wow, your DIY rehearsal dinner look is gorgeous! I love how you repurposed that beautiful lace fabric. It's always great when you can mix and match pieces for different occasions. Btw, have you ever tried connecting with fellow sewists on omegle? It could be a fun way to get feedback and inspiration for your next project! Can't wait to see the photos and video from your big day.


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