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HI DARLINGS! If you missed my entire #DIYPINKCOLLECTION postings where have you been? Lol, you can catch up HERE if you missed it. I enjoyed sewing that color coordinated collection so much that I am doing it again! This time I’m doing a more casual #DIYDENIMBLUECOLLECTION and I have already picked my patterns and fabrics (mostly). I am new to this so I am not sure how much info I can offer but here is what I learned from my #DIYPINKCOLLECTION that could be helpful to you if you want to start sewing like this.



#1 Pick your patterns FIRST. In my pink collections I bought a bunch of pink fabrics, but then when I went to pick patterns, I was limited in what I could use because I had already bought my fabric and the weight and hand of the fabric wasn’t a great fit for some of the patterns I wanted to use. I suggest choosing the patterns first so you can pick fabrics based on what you plan to make, I started ass-backward, lol so this time around I picked patterns first…which was actually hard.

#2 Picking patterns is not the easiest. I found I wanted to make so many things, so I had to narrow my collection by style and purpose. I wanted my pink collection to be a bit girly, more on the dressy side. For the #DIYDENIMBLUECOLLECTION I found myself picking patterns that were dressy and casual and then I was overwhelmed. I asked myself what my goal was and decided I wanted a more relaxed collection that I could wear with sneakers if I wanted but could also dress up with heels for a dressed up casual look. That REALLY HELPED ME. Once I had a clear idea of my purpose I started picking patterns.

#3 I decided it would be easier to plan much like I do when I designed collections for retail. I went online an grabbed all the flat sketches I needed from the pattern sites. In Photoshop or Illustrator, you can place your flats in place and see how the overall look of the collection. You can see if it’s balanced or if you need to add something or remove something. I did this several times! I added patterns and took away patterns until I had the right mix of dresses, jumpsuits, tops, and bottoms. You can do this any way you want of course these are just the pieces I wanted. Having the ability to move your flats around is a big help vs. just staring at the pattern envelopes and trying to decide. You can get distracted by the styling on the pattern envelopes so looking at the flat sketches only will help you put your vision to work.

#4 Pick fabrics from your stash first. I started buying fabrics for future collections already, so I keep swatches in my purse of what I have in my stash to build on (yellow and white collections coming soon, lol) I am trying to work with my stash first, but you can always go out an buy all new fabrics too. I had a lot of the blue/denim in my stash so that was pretty easy, I still need a small scale print but I have 95% of what I need to get started.

I changed my mind a few times during the pink phase but I think it’s because I didn’t plan like I am doing now, BUT don’t be too strict, if you need to change something because it’s not working then change it.

Okay, those are some of my tips, hope you are inspired to try it.



Here is the plan so far. I think I am pretty sure on all the patterns but like I said above if during the process something doesn’t work I will make a change, for now, I think we are 98% sure about these. I am using a lot of PDF patterns, I did not plan it that way it’s just how it worked out so let me tell you what I picked.

  1. THE JONI is by FRIDAY PATTERN COMPANY I have never used any of their patterns before but from what I can see after printing and looking through the instructions it’s all very clear. I love the back especially.

  2. M7756 I love this pattern and as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be part of my denim and blue collection.

  3. MORGAN by CLOSET CASE PATTERNS You know I love Heather Lou and although I have my own jean pattern I have been wanting to make her MORGAN BOYFRIEND JEANS.

  4. S8601 This top is going to be made a lot, lol I already know it. I love the style and plan to make it in a few colors over the summer.

  5. S8558 VIEW A&B I have been waiting to make these pants again and the cropped top is perfect, I plan to add a little lengtht to the top. These pants are awesome and not just because I designed them, lol.

  6. M7686 I wanted to add a little off the shoulder. I am going tpo modfiy it a bit tho.

  7. TILLERY SKIRT by BLANK SLATE PATTERNS I love this denim skirt and when Melly sent me the pattern I was thrilled. It’s perfect.

  8. ELSIE by STYLE ARC is a great button up shirt and will look great in a dark navy with gold buttons. I olan to add length so I can wear it as a dress.

  9. JESSICA DRESS yep I plan to make it again with some modifications. Going strapless, shorter and adding a different pocket. If you didn’t get your FREE JESSICA PDF PATTERN click on THIS POST.



These may change a bit but as it stands right now, I have almost everything I need. The colors to some are slightly off because of the light but trust me they all work, lol)

I will start posting this collection as I make it soon, I am hoping to start with the first two pieces today. Fingers crossed!

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