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HI DARLINGS! Oh my goodness my life is crazy insane right now so let me catch you up since I have not blogged since the conference recaps. Mimi G Style has outgrown the office (YAY FOR GROWTH) but that also meant having to find a larger office so that I could run Mimi G Style, Tieko and Mimi and my other projects that run outside of the DIY world 😉

I was able to find a gorgeous office space just over 1000 sq. feet in the fashion district and I couldn’t be happier but I had to move in right after the conference (why do I do these things to myself, LOL) I also needed to make sure I had everything I needed in place for all of the projects in the pipeline. If you sew you know that finding a cutting table is like searching for a needle in haystack.  I decided I was going to DIY this baby because I didn’t just need a cutting table I needed a “BIG ASS” cutting table…

Now I wish I could take the credit for this but really I was inspired by THIS post by and just added a third set of legs and center support since my table was much larger than theirs. They have instructions on how they made the table which is what I used to guide me and so should too if you want to make your own table.

GO HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS… but below are are few things that may help you…

  1. HOME DEPOT is awesome and in case you didn’t know they cut wood and pipe for you so that makes this even easier.

  2. I choose 2×12 planks that were 11 feet long!

  3. I bought the supporting beams as 2×4’s instead of the 1×4’s because of how big there table was going to be.

  4. I did not account for the height added by the connectors so we ended up having to cut down the pipes by 4″

  5. Put the legs together first including the center support pipes then alight your support beams evenly. This will avoid any uneven beams in the event your pipes and connectors are off just a bit.

  6. Because we added a third set of legs we had to buy a 4 way connector for the center.

Now we just need to get the office set up and we are back in business. Thank you so much for your patience!! I will be back to posting on a regular schedule again by next week. I hope this helps if you want to make a table and lets all thank for doing the hard part for us, LOL!




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