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HI DARLINGS! As this post publishes I will be on my way to HAWAII and I am probably really excited right now, lol. My 40th BIRTHDAY is tomorrow 11/5 and I gotta tell you I feel amazing, I’m looking forward to my 40’s and I look pretty damn good if I say so myself, lol!

I usually do a birthday post and have pictures and all that good stuff but I decided to just enjoy my day as I head out to my much needed vacation instead. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I already have my posts for next week done so you can enjoy those while I am away.

I wanted a picture of my kids since they are never in a room at the same time, lol but again one is missing.. so here are a few shots of me and the kids.. does anyone else have trouble getting a good pic with silly kids, LOL!!!

Enjoy the video below of a recent fabric haul I made. Love you guys!




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