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Mermaid Maxi Made by Kelly! & Underpinnings: Keep It Tight, Keep It Right!

Hi Darlings!

I say this all the time!! it does not matter if you are itty bitty or full and luscious like my doll Kelly, it is about confidence and feeling fabulous and Kelly ALWAYS oozes that.

I here it all the time, “It looks good on you but you are skinny” o_0 and I always say the same thing, Kelly has made most, if not all of my tutorials and always looks amazing in them so get out of that mindset that you are somehow restricted from wearing certain things because you are a plus size woman! The beauty of making it yourself is that you can make it as fitted or not fitted as you want 😉

Kelly has been on a weight-loss journey and if you are familiar with her and her blog I am sure you have seen the change in her as I have and even with the changes she is undergoing she NEVER feels like she can’t rock something and that INSPIRES ME! So the next time you think you cant wear a maxi because you are plus size, SCRATCH THAT THOUGHT and while I am at it please stop saying you can’t wear maxi’s because you are short, I am only 5′ 4″ and I could live in Maxi’s, it is about proportions and wearing a little wedge or heel to add height.

Tutorial Available HERE Thanks Kelly!

Now on to another question I get asked frequently and I just answered on facebook yesterday and that is “UNDERPINNINGS” lol yes Ladies, let’s talk about this.

Underpinnings- plural of un·der·pin·ning(Noun)

A solid foundation laid below ground level to support or strenghten a building.

The key to any outfit starts with what you are wearing underneath your clothing. I have seen so many women with VPL’s (visible panty lines) and with a bit too much jiggle in their walk so I am going to tell you what I wear under my clothing ESPECIALLY under my form fitting garments

I know that they can feel like you are being suffocated from the inside out, lol but there are more comfortable things you can wear to help give smooth lines and support. I wear them because I don’t like to feel my butt jiggle when I walk and yes my butt jiggles ladies. Let’s keep it real! I may look all smooth and trim in my pics but that does not mean that I don’t have areas I MUST work on to keep myself fit and certainly does not mean that I am so trim and fit that I dare leave my home wearing a fitted dress and not wear some support.

All you need is the RIGHT Bra, Seamless Panties and a good Shaper so here are the items I wear most often and why 😉

WHY? I wear this brand in particular because they dont ride up and are great under my fitted skirts and dresses. They are also great under my leggings and maxi dresses. I have tried several brands and I always go back to these because even the pricier more frilly brands end up riding up and being very uncomfortable to wear.

WHY? This brand by SPANX is great and more affordable plus you can find it at Target but aside from that I like this particular one because it doesn’t stop my circulation and make me feel like I am about to pass the hell out after having them on for 5 minutes! although sometimes you may need a bit more control depending on your body and what you are wearing this one is a more “relaxed” fit while still providing control and smooth finish 😉

Now, I wish I could give you advice and product recommendations for bras but I belong to the itty bitty committee so I have NO clue what my busty babes need to help control your puppies so if my well endowed darlings could weigh in here that would be great and I will post an update with links.

Until then, Keep it tight, keep it right!


Mimi G



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