HI DARLINGS! If you are just checking in and missed my ME MADE MUST HAVE PLANS check out THESE posts. Today is #2 of 10, the must-have cardigan. I love a good sweater and cardigan, and I buy them often! However, I am taking my goal to MAKE the things that I love and wear in my daily causal life seriously so I thought I would design my favorite kind of cardigan. THE ANNIE is an EASY and FAST project. It has a wide hem which I always look for in my store-bought cardigans, patch pockets and the ability to make a tie belt if I wish and even wear it as a dress, which I plan to do too. I will be posting the sew-along to this cardigan PDF PATTERN on Saturday. GET YOUR PATTERN HERE!

It comes together quickly, and you can make it out of different knit fabrics including lightweight knits for the warmer seasons too. I wore this one with jeans and a tee (my uniform) and my chunky Steve Madden heels. I also made a modified version where I made it longer in a floral print and added a self-fabric belt; I will post that look tomorrow.

MAKING OPTIONAL BELT: To make the belt I just measured my waist and multiplied it by 2 (example: 29 x 2) for the length. I made it 3″ wide so folded over and sewn using 1/2″ seam allowance gave me a finished width of 2.5.” Fold in half right sides facing and sew sides and long open edge. Leave 2″ opening for turning right side out.





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