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How To Create A DIY Lining For A Pattern

Hi Darlings! I am sorta gonna tease you today because I am posting how I create lining for patterns when they don’t have linings but I am not showing you how I styled it and fully finished it until my #DIY post tomorrow…he he.

I am going to apologize now because this pattern has been discontinued for years but I have been meaning to sew it for just that long, lol! This method works for a LOT of patterns so you can feel confident in tackling a DIY lining in the future. I have several patterns that don’t require linings but I usually prefer my jackets or coats have at least a partial lining, so when they don’t I use the pattern pieces to create my own. I am going to show you how I did that for my Butterick 5648 Jacket (pattern now discontinued)


Okay by looking at the pattern envelope you wouldn’t think “oh my this is awesome looking” lol! but the shape of view D is really what struck me and I so I knew that with the right fabric it would be amazing. The first step to creating the lining is to cut out the same main pieces out of lining the way you did for the fabric. Cut out the Back, Front, Sleeves and Facings (cut facings out of the main fabric)


You want to interface your facings because instead of using lining to the edge we want the jacket to show fabric when unbuttoned and not lining. I cut my facings out of fabric and interfaced them.


I turned the long straight edge under 1/4″ and then pinned my facings wrong side to right side on top of the front lining pieces and stitched them down.


The first thing I did after prepping my lining and facings is to sew the jacket following the pattern instructions. I attach my collar, pockets and shoulder tabs too.


Once the jacket is sewn I sew my lining pieces the same way. LINING ONLY: Sew right and left front to back at sides and shoulders, attach your sleeves and sew on your label if you have one then leave an opening in the center back so you can turn your jacket right side out after bagging your lining.


Once you have sewn your lining pieces you lay your lining pieces over your jacket making sure that right sides are facing and that the collar is on the inside.


You are going to pin all the way around the jacket and sew starting at the center back and all the way down one side and across the bottom of the jacket until you reach the middle and then go back up the center back and sew again in the other direction until you meet the middle and stitch and secure. Trim your corners and then using the opening in the center back start to pull your jacket right side out through the opening.


When you have your jacket turned right side out simply slip stitch the opening closed. Make sure before you do that that all your corners are pushed out nicely and press it out to make sure it all looks great, then close the opening. Hand stitch the hem of your sleeve lining to the fabric and you are done. Fully lined and perfect!


This jacket is so amazing and I love it so much that I have already decided to make it again but this time I am going to make it longer and more like a coat. * My fabric has been in my stash for years and I don’t know where I got it but any of THESE tweeds would make great jackets*


Stay tuned for tomorrows post so you can see the finished jacket and how I rocked it 😉 I hope you feel a little more confident in creating a lining for a pattern when it doesn’t already have one.





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