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HI DARLINGS! I promise you this is the greatest linen dress ever, and I made it using New Look 6654. First, let me just say that this dress will be worn a lot and it has already made several appearances including a recent one on my trip to New York. If you missed my VLOG EPISODE you can check it out HERE.


The pattern is easy to make, It has a front and back and lower flounce if you choose, a sleeve or make it sleeveless and pockets. Obviously, you got a collar and collar band and the tie. You gotta love a pattern with minimal pattern pieces that come together easily. T make my linen dress I cut the 14 for myself and had to make no adjustments as I was sewing, that is always nice! From start to finish I think it took maybe 3 hours and that is including the cutting of the pattern and fabric.


This amazing fabric is our BIZET LINEN. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful this fabric is and although it sounds strange the fabric has a feeling of being used and worn and washed often, lol. This linen dress feels like I have had it in my closet for years.

We love this viscose linen blend! Unlike crisp hand linens, this lightweight linen blend is very soft with a slub-like texture. It’s breathable, with a moderate drape, and perfect for many garments like lightweight jackets, dresses, tops, and pants. We have three colorways, the Natural which is what I made my linen dress from, an olive, and a coffee color. You can find them HERE


Ok, I will say that I have worn this dress now three times and each time I wore it differently. I wore it the first time without the belt, White sneakers, My LVbag sunnies, and layered necklaces, you can probably see that look a bit in my VLOG VIDEO. The second time I wore it I had on my Dr. Martens, belted and baseball cap and then of course the way you see it now. What I love most is that this is a great transitional dress that I can wear with a denim jacket, moto jacket, and even with a chunky cardigan.

Casual Look

Gucci Bag

Linen dress

Linen dress

Chunky heels

Purple Hair

Linen dress

Gold Jewelry

Linen dress

Linen dress




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