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HI DARLINGS! I know this is rare. Imani is my least camera friendly kid; she RARELY lets me photograph her which is terrible for me because I never get good pics of her without her hands covering her face LOL! My son, on the other hand, is always ready. So this blog post is a treat!

So Imani asked me if I would make her M7757 which is another rare occurrence since the kids never ask me to sew anything for them, they rather go to the mall, smh. When she saw this pattern, she loved it and even picked out her fabric from JOANN. I told her I would make it, but she would have to let me photograph her, LOL!!!! A little bribery on my part. Details below on the pattern and modififcations.



The pattern is MCCALL 7577. I cut an XS and still had to take in the pants a bit, she wanted a narrower pant leg. The FABRIC is actually a knit although the pattern is intended for a woven, it’s an easy switch so it really made no difference. She is about 5’3″ so I took out  2″ of the length.


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