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DIY Refashioned Jeans Into Top With Steps

Hi, Darlings! I am just going to get straight to it because I posted my DIY refashioned jeans into a top on my Instagram yesterday and you guys want the deets ASAP! LOL. Ok, so I am posting a quick and dirty DIY reel today but there are some things I couldn't squeeze into that 1 min reel so I am going to cover it here. I randomly will go to Goodwill and buy denim, jeans, dresses, shirts, etc. It really doesn't matter I buy them if I like the denim and I try to get the largest sizes so I can have enough fabric to work with. Scroll down for my tips/steps.

Check my INSTAGRAM for the mini tutorial video. If you want to watch the style video I did of me wearing the top you can see that HERE



  1. The first thing I did was to check that the jeans, at the waistband, would fit around my upper bust. That doesn't mean if they don't, that you can't use your jeans, it just means that you will need to add a panel at the side or back to accommodate your measurements. I would add the panels if needed to the sides as it will be less noticeable.

  2. I cut the legs off just across the crotch leaving myself enough room for a hem.

  3. I needed to shape it a bit more so I pulled it on (the button front opens pretty low so I can pull it on over my head) I tried it on and pinched out darts stopping about 1" from my bust point (aka nipples) and marked it. Make your darts and try on again, you want to make sure your darts are in the right place. (you can see this in the video)

  4. I removed the back pockets because I wanted to reuse one for the front.

  5. Now I didn't want to fold and stitch my hem because I wanted to keep the look of the original hem but the leg circumference wasn't enough so I cut the inseam leaving myself about an inch above to accommodate the seam when attaching to the bodice. (you can see this in the video)

  6. I measured the circumference of the bodice at the hem and used that same measurement for the inseam pieces I cut plus seam allowance.

  7. I stitched together my inseam pieces and then pinned it right sides facing to hem.

  8. I stitched close to the original inseam, pressed the seam up towards the bodice, and then stitched in the ditch so that the new hem stays put and gives the illusion of a natural hem. (you can see this in the video)

  9. I took the back pocket and placed it on the front, we are calling this the boobie pocket, lol. and stitched it around using a light blue thread that isn't noticeable.

  10. Then I added my tag, pressed everything again and I was done!

Let me know if you think you would try it and if you'd like more refashion projects!


Mar 23

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