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HI DARLINGS! I am interrupting the months MUST HAVE ME MADE theme to post the formal look me, and my honey made for our friend’s formal wedding. They requested the attire be black tie and their theme was the Academy Awards. Anytime we get a chance to dress up we take it, so the planning began. NORRIS had a metallic floral print fabric we had picked up at THE FABRIC STORE some time ago, and since he wanted to make HIS PANTS from that, I went on the hunt for a metallic fabric that would match his pants. I searched high and low with no luck and only three days to find it, sew it and leave town for Atlanta where the wedding was being held.

I ended up using a $6 a yard metallic knit used for dancewear LOL!!!!! This was found in the spandex section of Joann fabrics… don’t judge I only had three days, lol. It turned out really great, and we were a hit at the wedding. The pattern I used was VOGUE 1520 and you can read up on my honey’s pants and full look HERE.

The pattern may look complicated but it came together quickly and with minimal pieces. I cut and had it sewn in 5 hours, maybe less actually. I used the power mesh as my lining so that it would serve as my Spanx. I will show you how I add this “compression mesh” to my fitted garments instead of lining in this Saturdays YT video.







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