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HI DARLINGS! We are in Philadelphia and freezing our asses off, LOL! These pics are making me wish I was back in LA but we are doing something awesome here so I can’t complain. We will be home soon enough and then back to the grind, we have so much going on this year and a wedding to finish planning. How’s the start of the year treating ya’ll?



PATTERN: This is an OOP so I apologize, it’s DKNY VOGUE 1487 pattern. I knew when I bought this fabric that I was going to make this skirt so I went into my files and pulled it out. Its actually a really easy pattern to sew up and even with the chevron matching it came together quickly. I even got a perfect match at the center back zipper.

FABRIC: This is a beautifully striped lame that is a pain in the ass to work with so I wrote a few tips below should you ever try your hand at sewing with it. I bought this beauty at MOOD FABRICS (couldn’t find it online)

SWEATER: This CROPPED SWEATER is from TOPSHOP. I tried to find it but it wasn’t online.

ACCESSORIES: My earrings are from H&M, my sunglasses are MICHAEL KORS and my pin which everyone always asks me about is from JOANN. The bracelet is so old I don’t remember where it’s from.

SHOES: These are my barely there CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN heels.



  1. Cut your pieces with a rotary cutter the sharper the cut the less initial fraying you are going to get.

  2. Serge all your pieces before you start sewing them together this will keep your fabric from becoming a pile of threads because this frays fast.

  3. Do not press with your iron directly on the fabric! I used my scrap of organza for my pressing and I use a very light touch.

  4. Be careful when handling, this will snag so be aware of pins and scissors near you. I got it snagged on my ring and had to recut that piece.

  5. Fully line your garment.




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