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HI DARLINGS! I just gotta tell you that I am utterly in love with this leather DIY dress. I am going to make it again in red because it is HOT!!! I used MCCALL #8139 VIEW A. This is a really simple pattern to sew and if you have made a button-up shirt then this is a breeze. If you want to learn to sew visit SEWITACADEMY.COM

I picked up some stretch faux leather which we will be stocking soon at MELANATEDFABRICS.COM It wasnt hard to sew with if you know some basics.


  1. Use a rotary cutter

  2. Don’t pin it, use wonder clips instead because you will leave marks in your leather.

  3. Make sure you go slow if you need to because you can’t remove stitched without leaving holes in the fabric.

  4. In some cases you may need a Teflon foot or a roller foot so that your presser foot doesn’t stick to the leather, This faux leather did not stick so I was able to use my regular foot.

  5. Always test your thread and needle on scrap leather. I used a topstitching needle instead of a leather needle because this was rather thin.


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Tim Drake
Tim Drake
14 lis 2023

Thanks for the heads-up about the stretch faux leather from MELANATEDFABRICS.COM! It's awesome that it's user-friendly if you've got the basics down. And those tips for sewing faux leather are gold! Using a rotary cutter, opting for wonder clips over pins, and taking it slow to avoid leaving marks or holes—solid advice.

The reminder about testing thread and needles on scrap leather is a lifesaver! It's all about that trial and error, isn't it? Your tips will surely help others diving into DIY leather projects. Keep those fantastic creations coming!


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