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HI DARLINGS! This DIY faux leather skirt was a labor of love, lol. I have sewn MANY faux leather garments and most of the time with the right tools and knowledge it is easy peasy to sew up. We covered tips and tricks to sewing with faux leathers in this month’s SEW IT ACADEMY COURSE, as a matter of fact. Sometimes however the faux leather is just uncooperative, LOL! I made THIS dress from the same faux leather in black and had no issues but this burgundy color was playing hard to get, lol. Norris made some pants with the same yardage and had the same issues. It was really sticky and no matter what we did it just wanted to be difficult.

I finished the skirt and of course pulled out every trick in my arsenal to get it finished but it’s good to know that sometimes tricky fabrics can take time and patience to work with and they all react differently. I love the skirt, it’s really great ad the pattern is fantastic, it’s the new MCCALL #8149 which will be a TNT for sure.




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