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#DIY Dress Using Color-Blocked Fabric + Check Me Out!

Hi Darlings!

I had a pretty busy weekend, too busy because before I looked up it was Monday. I wish I had 48hrs in a day because I just cant keep up with everything, maybe I should look into cloning, LOL

I made this dress last night after looking through my stash and trying to figure out how to best use this fabric. It is a medium weight knit with the interesting striped and solid color blocked pattern that I wanted to keep in text but make interesting so I when I came across a pattern I have made before (a few times) I knew it would be perfect because the pattern itself (V2091 which is out of print) is cut on the bend because of the pleated side creating an interesting effect at the hem with the angled look. It was fun because it took shape without me really needing to think of it much and it turned out kinda cool.

I also wanted to use the fabric for sleeves and so I used the sleeve pattern from THIS Tracy Reese dress I made and they fit pretty darn good. It just goes to show that sometimes it is not the pattern but the fabric that can lead you to make a really cool garment. I also have always been a huge fan of this patten because I love the boat neck! it is high on the neck the way I like it without being annoying to wear. Maybe Vogue should bring this one back.

**Also on the news front Bernina has asked me to represent them at the Craftcation Conference in March as an instructor 😉 check me out HERE!

Fabric info coming soon, trying to find it; I will post an update.

DIY Dress (similar ready made) HERE and HERE / Steve Madden Red Heels (similar) HERE



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