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HI DARLINGS! I hope you’re having a great week. We are finalizing the May issue of SEW SEW DEF MAGAZINE and it looks amazing. There is just so much work that goes into every single issue that I am finding myself re-working our in-house editorial calendar just to make things work.

Today’s #DIY barely made it, lol at first I hated them, then I loved them and then I thought well, I made them and I am going to rock them! These are from my Simplicity Pattern #8177. I wanted to make a pair of velvet pants after seeing some at H&M a few week back. I had this crushed velvet(ish) fabric in my stash.

The fabric is actually not the best fabric for these pants because after starting to sew I realized they didn’t hang well to give me the look I wanted but at that point, I was committed, LOL! Overall they are fine but this is a great example that even now after so many years I still can make a bad fabric choice and still rock it, LOL!!



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