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DIY Chevron Dress OOTD

Hi Darlings, Today I am prepping for my annual Soup & Wine Party! I love having these causal get togethers during the holidays. Last year I did it for my birthday and my family thought I was nuts, LOL “Soup and Wine?” but I knew it would be a hit and it was! Let me tell you people love soup and they love bread, add a little wine to the experience on a chilly winter night, and you have a winner.

The prep is pretty easy since making the one pot soups can be done the night before and then warmed when ready to serve. Last year we had Corn & Cheese Chowder, Sherried Tomato, and Chicken & Noodle all from The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond….don’t tell her this but I sorta kinda love her so much! I have never tried anything of hers that I did not love.

This year I am still doing the Corn Chowder (because it is DIVINE) and the Tomato (because duh! it’s yummy) but I am going to introduce a new soup for #3. Everyone loves the casual feel and warmness that comes from the soup and wine, that it makes for an amazing evening. I will share pics and recipes after the party. I also have a really quick and easy dessert that we will be making.

Today’s look is an oldie but goodie. I love this fabric so much but was never able to find any more of it so I have held on to this one. I normally give away anything I made the previous season, unless the fabric is not available, I REALLY love it, or if it’s one of my couture pieces…Other than that I bag it up and give it away to local charities or the girls at my old home church.

The links to anything still available online are below including the link to my MUST MAKE FALL DRESS TUTORIAL which is just what you need if you want to make the dress I am wearing. It’s super simple and made to fit your body, no matter your size.

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DIY Dress Tutorial HERE / Coach Bag (old) / Gap Denim Jacket (option I love) HERE / F21 Earrings (old) /Steve Madden Booties (option I love) HERE






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