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DIY Bold Black/White Striped Dress

Hi Darlings!

I almost didn’t make it today! There are days where I am just not in the mood and today is one of those days. I had a realization the other day when talking with a friend that put some things in perspective and since then I have been feeling some kind of way and can’t quite put my finger on it.

I also realized that I may not be giving enough of the glory to God, because although what I do may seem superficial to some, if you could read even a handful of the emails I get from women all over the world who have been inspired, motivated, or just encouraged to be the best mom/wife/friend to themselves that they can be you would understand why I take this so seriously. The gift god gave me is being multiplied by the thousands daily and I am so thankful for that.

Now on to some lighthearted things like this dress I have on! Can you say LOVE…I saw a pic on pinterest of a similar dress and I knew I had the fabric in my stash so off I went to recreate it. This was so super simple because I just used a T-shirt block I created many moons ago and just added length and hip curve. You can recreate it by using my T-Shirt Maxi Tutorial and pegging it at the knee instead of flaring out. You can also create the belt I have on by using my Obi Belt Tutorial which is free and also the very first tutorial I made on video so it looks crappy but you get the idea, lol!

Fabric: Bold striped knit HERE (use coupon code “mimi10”)

Jessica Simpson Heels (nude color) HERE

Belt DIY (similar) HERE

Dress DIY (similar) HERE or HERE

Charming Charlie White & Gold Bracelet

Michael Kors Watch

J. Crew Bangles



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