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HI DARLINGS! It’s that time again for many of us, time for back to school shopping! Over the last few years, you guys have seen me share our back to school finds at Walmart which have included supplies, household items, and of course some great Walmart fashion looks. I can always rely on Walmart for great prices and fashion items the kids will rock at home and at school.

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Things are different this year as we are all very aware of and although our 17 year old has been homeschooled since grade school and is now a senior she still very much looks forward to shopping for what she calls her “home school style” Ha! She loves her Champion leggings and rainbow Champion logo T-shirt.

Imani is very creative so as an artist she always goes for the bright white sneakers like these Keds that she can paint and make her own. She loves being comfortable but cute, as she likes to say.

My son is heading back to public school in August with many precautions set in place, but his style and comfort will not be compromised, lol. He has already asked me to make him masks to match his looks.

Bubby is also very active and plays basketball so he has no trouble finding great athletic wear at Walmart like this three-piece jogger set he loves. His favorite color is red if you couldn’t tell, so he picked this Champion backpack.

Keeping the kids on track can be a task in itself so with Imani being homeschooled she keeps a daily planner where she can keep track of her assignments and due dates. Walmart has a ton of great planners and colorful note pads at great prices!

No matter what your situation is this school year it is great to know that there is one place you can go to get great fashion, supplies, and household items for the entire family.

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Back to school shopping is always a bustling time of year, not just for students but also for dedicated nursing writers. Amidst the frenzy of backpacks, textbooks, and stationery, nursing writers eagerly seek out the latest medical literature, research tools, and ergonomic office supplies to ensure they're well-equipped for another productive academic season in the world of healthcare documentation.


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