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HI DARLINGS! I have made a fabric haul video of some really great pieces I got at JoAnn Fabric and Mood recently. Some of these are linked below since I couldn’t find all of them online. You can watch the video below and I also added a transcribed version of my video below.

Hey Guys, Mimi g here, back with a fabric haul, I can’t wait to show you all the good stuff that I got. So it’s part Jo-Ann haul and part Mood haul and two of these fabrics are for my next simplicity patterns that I’m designing way into 2020 at this point. So I think these are my spring 2020 patterns for simplicity. So you got a ways before they come out, but I’m sewing now for those. So two of those are for that project. So you probably won’t see them for awhile, but I’m going to show you the fabrics that I got anyway, but I’m not telling you what they’re for because you’re going to have to wait. Okay, so let’s start with the mood haul. So this is an actual mood print. I didn’t realize that mood has like their own selection of mood fabrics that they designed.

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Mood Faces Fabric

Mood Fabric with Faces

Crisp with a soft, gummy feel, this medium-weight wonder expresses a dull sheen across its digitally-printed facing.

So when I was shopping online, I just happened to see that this was a mood fabric and I thought, oh that’s really cool. And what I love is all the faces. So it’s sort of abstract. I don’t know what is a bunch of faces. Okay. That’s what it is. It’s a stretch sateen, which is really great because there’s a dress as a form–fitting dress that I want to make and it’s going to be somewhat fitted to my body, hugging my body. And so I needed a little bit of a stretch. So when I saw this I just thought it was super interesting. Right? I mean it was just like abstract and really beautiful and I love sort of the colors. It’s like a light peach and a light tan or what that is. But I loved it. When I saw it I was like, this is really interesting and I think it’ll look really good made up into something. So that was the first one.

Mood Fabric Navy / Burgundy Striped Suiting

Navy and Burgundy Striped Stretch Suiting

Wow—talk about luxury: Extending a soft hand and smiling with its brilliant face, these stripes effortlessly draw one in, duplicating vertically to the selvage.

Then I am definitely making myself a Tuxedo dress. So I have been obsessed saving all these double-breasted Blazers slash dresses that I’ve been seeing. So I wonder and found myself some suiting that I liked. I wanted it to be a little on the men’s wear look. So I grabbed this one. It’s actually navy. And I guess Burgundy, Maroonish, whatever, I don’t know. And it has a tan stripe, so it’s kind of like, I guess it’s sort of like a pinstripe, I dunno. Anyway, it’s amazing. It was a little pricey. I will say that, but I plan to fully line in the garment and I’m going to keep it around for a very long time, which I know that you guys know that every season I basically dump my entire wardrobe.

I’m going to keep it around for a very long time, which I know that you guys know, that every season I basically dump my entire wardrobe.

I give it away to friends, I donate it to either shops or my mom donates a lot of it to charities that she works with. And there’s very few pieces that I actually keep that I make for myself. And it really only depends on one how expensive that damn fabric was ok, or two if I spent a lot of time on it or it’s something that I can’t easily replicate, right. If it’s a fabric that I got and I know I’ve just can’t go get more of it. Right. It’s not like a solid or something, then I will hold onto it if I really, really love it. So this will definitely be one of those pieces that I make and I keep for a really long time and it’s really nice. I mean this is nice suiting. So I’m surprised that I’m the Hubby didn’t try and take it from me. So, but, but if there’s any leftover best belive, your boy is going to be making something. Okay. It’s going to be some shorts and some, I don’t know how much he’s going to have left, but he’s going to figure it out.

Mood Fabric Red Stretch Double Faced Wool Crepe

Red Stretch Double Faced Wool Crepe

With double the faces, it’s double the fun! We highly suggest checking out this Ralph Lauren Red Stretch Double Faced Wool Crepe.

And then I bought some more suiting. Um in this beautiful red fabric. You guys know I love red. Red Looks Amazing on me and I love it. Now it’s a little heavier than I thought cause I ordered these online. So I was going based on what I thought it was gonna be. I don’t work for what I wanted to work, but it is a little heavier than I anticipated it being. So I can either still use it for what I intended on making. It’ll just have a little more structure. I, I was thinking of making a jumpsuit. It’s a new pattern by somebody I don’t remember, but I’ll, you’ll see it in my pattern hall, which I’ll post really soon.

But if not, this would make a really good lightweight coat. And you guys know I’m in Cali so it doesn’t get super cold here. So I don’t necessarily need heavy heavy coats, but this would make a really nice, probably like a, like a dope ass trench in red. Like would that be nice? Like I, I think I just figured it out. The other two fabrics from mood are the two that I was telling you that I’m using for my upcoming simplicity patterns during spring of 2020.

So like I said, you’re probably not going to see these actually made up for a while, but I want to show you what I got because they’re really beautiful. So this one is a silk Chiffon and it’s iridescent. So I don’t know if you guys can see that on camera or not, but it’s flipping gorgeous.

Mood Fabric Periwinkle/Beige Silk Iridescent Chiffon

Periwinkle/Beige Silk Iridescent Chiffon

A beautiful, flowy fabric that would make a great overlay.

Like this thing is so good. I wish I could tell you, I really wish I could tell you what it was for. But I can’t, I can’t tell you. So you just got to use your imagination, but it’s amazing and I love it. And I think it’s gonna look so good on that pattern envelope. And then the other one is also a sheer fabric and it’s textured, so it’s sort of like a neon ish yellow and this is just, Oh my God. Like look at it. Right? It’s so pretty. I love this thing. And actually I don’t, I don’t know if this is, this could work for something other than like apparel. Like I could cover this and something else, overlay it and use it to cover furniture and it would be really nice. But that’s not what I’m using it for. I am using it for a garment and I just love it. love the texture. I love that it’s sheer. It has sort of like a little fuzzy edge thing going on. I don’t know, I just really loved it when I saw it because I know what that garment is in my head. I just, I can see it. I can see it made up and I know it’s going to amazing and you guys are gonna love it.

The next haul is from Jo Ann Fabrics. These two I actually ordered online. I listened. I never ordered fabric online from Jo-Ann. Actually, I don’t buy fabric from Joanne that often unless I like don’t want to drive into downtown to go get fabric. Then if I’m like, usually it happens like this, me and Norris realized we need a zipper or we need some thread or buttons or something. So we drive to Jo-Ann, which is not far from the house.

JoAnne Fabric Leopard Print Brocade

And then I always go to the fabric section because who the hell goes to Joanne’s and you don’t go check out what is in the fabric section. Cause every now and then, every now and then they will surprise your ass. So these actually happened online because someone I follow on Instagram posted these two fabrics and I was like, Joanne’s what girl? But they didn’t have them at my local Jo Ann. So I went ahead and ordered them. This brocade right here, this leopard brocade is to die. I don’t know what I’m making. I always buy at least three yards. You guys asked me this all the time. How much yardage do you buy? I always buy at least a minimum three yards. Cause with that I can just about make anything. If I know I’m making a really long garment, like something way down to the floor, then I’ll go with four. But a good rule of thumb for myself is three yards I can make just about anything. So I ordered three yards of this. I don’t know. I don’t know if I want to make pants. I don’t know if I want to make a jam. I don’t know what I want, but I know his fire and I know it’s gonna be gorgeous.

JoAnne Fabric Geo Abstract Cream/Gold Brocade

The other one I got also because she posted it was this one. It’s also a brocade and what I love and you probably can’t see it, I’ll show you maybe in the picture is the gold little, I don’t know what shape this is. It’s something, it’s so cute. That’s what it is. It’s gold and cream. And for me, I always feel like anything sort of creamy winter white during the fall and the winter always looks really great and it’s gold. So it has gold and when to white, I mean it doesn’t get any better than that.

The biggest highlight for me though, even though those are amazing, are the two corduroy that I found at Jo-Ann.

It’s pretty heavy. So this would actually make a really beautiful coat. Like I think that’s probably where I want to go with this one is making a lightweight coat for here and also cause I travel, right. So if I’m going to New York or something then I can always obviously use a coat. The biggest highlight for me though, even though those are amazing, are the two corduroy that I found at Jo-Ann. First of all, finding good corduroy in a fabric store is hard. Okay. It just doesn’t like appear often. And when it does, it’s baby whale. So what baby whale means is the little stripes on the corduroy are really, really thin. Right? So it’s used a lot in kids’ garments and you could use it in adult garments, but it just doesn’t really like have the same [umph]. Right. And so I don’t usually buy it.

JoAnne Fabric Wide Wale Corduroy

I like wide whale corduroy. I want you to see lines. You know what I’m saying? So I, when I was, I’m in Jo-Ann and actually I didn’t even go for myself. We went because Norris needed corduroy for something and I was like well we can try Joanns and see what we got. So we went with low expectations but when we got there he went and looked and he was like, I didn’t find anything. And I was like, Oh okay. Well so I kept looking down the aisles and then Lo and behold in the denim section was this corduroy. It’s amazing. First of all, it’s wide. They had so many colors. They had like six colors. I think we got like four cause I got two colors and he got two colors. I got this mustard color and this dark teal color. And then he got brown and I don’t know what else he got.

I kept looking down the aisles and then Lo and behold in the denim section was this corduroy. It’s amazing!

But this is amazing. First of all. Okay. First of all, you see how wide this whale is. Do you see how wide this is? It’s amazing. It’s sort of a super retro. But on top of that, it has stretch. Do you know how hard it is? To find good corduroy. That is a wide whale that has stretch. I found a f****** Unicorn. Okay. That’s what, that’s just like Unicorn right here at Joann’s. I’ve posted it on the, on the Instagram and everybody went crazy over this. They might’ve sold out cause I said, I think I said half of America to Jo-Ann to go buy this corduroy. But that’s why it’s so good. I hope they still have it. If they do buy some and then email them and tell them wherever they got it to get some more. Okay. This is everything that I got. I hope you guys enjoyed it. You will see some of this made-up really soon, hopefully on the blog. So if you’re not following what the hell’s your problem? Follow me on Instagram @ MimiGStyle. I’ll talk to you guys later. Peace.



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