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Ad Space: Sidebar Real Estate

Hi Dolls!

Really quick before I forget again, I am getting a lot of emails regarding the sidebar of my blog so I am going to answer the main questions here because if you have tried you know I don’t allow just anyone and paying for the ad space is the first but least important requirement.

1. How do I get on your sidebar? You must have a business that falls directly in line with what the blog is about (sewing, retail, jewelry etc) BUT must be an established business with a good reputation and I MUST have used your product before. I try to stay as genuine as possible to my readers so I only place ads of those brands I have personal experience with.

2. How often do you allow new advertisers? I do a check every 6 months and will rotate one or two new ones on to the sidebar. I keep only a few because that is not what the blog is about and if it is not something that can benefit my readers it just wont fit.

3. How do I submit? You can email me HERE with your business info, website, description etc. and if I don’t already use your product I must review it first (terms apply) and then we go from there.

One Space Available

I have room for just ONE more advertiser this year. I wont be allowing any further ads until the end of November so if you want to send me your submission now is the time and I will be choosing the first week of June.

xoxo mimi G

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Grace Lee
Grace Lee
May 24

I’m getting a lot of emails regarding the sidebar of my blog, so let me clarify a few things here. If you’re interested in advertising, here’s what you need to know: Your business must align with the blog’s focus (sewing, retail, jewelry, etc.), be well-established, and have a good reputation. I also need to have used your product before—I strive for authenticity and only promote brands I trust and love. I review and rotate ads every 6 months, adding one or two new ones. My blog isn’t ad-heavy, so I ensure each ad benefits my readers. You can email me your business info, website, and a description. If I haven’t used your product, I’ll need to review it first (terms…


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