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What I Wish To Be Weighed By

Hi Darlings, When Lean Cuisine asked if I would participate in the #WeighThis campaign I immediately accepted. The message is simple… one that should be yelled from the rooftops, written in the sky and embedded in the minds of women and young girls everywhere. What do you wish people would ‘weigh’ you on besides your weight?

So often we are valued by our physical appearance instead of being valued by the things that matter most to us, by the moments we are most proud of or by the contributions we have made to society, our families and friends.

I want to be ‘weighed’ by my greatest joys in life, my children and how I have raised them and continue to raise them to be amazing human beings, they are what I am most proud of. I want to be ‘weighed’ by the success of my business and how that success has helped me to promote the encouragement and motivation of thousands of women across the world. I want to be ‘weighed’ by the love I have for others and not by how much I weigh!

Take a look at this video provided by Lean Cuisine

My Pride and Joy!


LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! What do you wish people would ‘weigh’ you on besides your weight? What are you most proud of? What really matters to you? leave a comment below sharing what you wish to be weighed by.




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