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What I Am Reading With Oyster

Hi Darlings, I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE to read. I have always been a big reader and have passed that on to my kids who also love to read but it seems over the last two years my time to read  has been diminished greatly. During a visit with my oldest daughter she was filling me in on all these great books she had read and how much she enjoyed them, and I realized how excited it made me to see that she was still reading as much as she did when she was little.


I then realized how much I miss that time with myself. I would often sit on the couch and read before bed or in the mornings after the kids were off to school so I decided to get a little bit of that back. Since doing it at home was hard and I ended up just working all day I decided I would use my travel time as a way to get some reading in.


I have been traveling several times a month over the last 6 months so why not use that time to immerse myself in a good book…or two….or three. I came across Oyster (no not the food) lol a few weeks back and I have been hooked. Think Netflix for BOOKS! Oyster is a subscription based app that gives me unlimited access to ebooks for $9.95 a month. I get to read as much as I want on any of my devices and so can the rest of my family! Oyster is accessible on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, and on the web PLUS enjoy 30 DAYS! FREE by downloading the app HERE


Some of the coolest features are the ability to explore titles by genre and get recommendations based on what I like. I can create, share and save book lists. They have over one million books from classics to new releases, everything from New York Time’s Bestsellers and Oprah’s picks, to children’s titles and even DIY books! You also can browse Oyster’s Popular Titles



I read so many different types of books because I truly believe that knowledge is power and I love to learn about all sorts of things. I tend to read self help books, business and marketing books and of course the occasional juicy novel!


Here are some of the books I put on my reading list. I can’t wait to get through some of these on my next trip to Washington. When I enjoy a book I can easily share titles, quotes, and my reading activity to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Reposition Yourself -T.D. Jakes Woman Walks into a Bar – Rowan Colemsn Do Cool Sh*t – Miki Agrawal Make Every Second Count – Robert Bly Adornments – Myra Callan Brain on Fire– Susannah Calahan Reconstructing Amelia– Kimberly McCreight


My kids have also been able to pick out the books they want to read including “A Kids Guide To Sewing” which makes me super happy, lol!

Mik Murdoch Boy Superhero– Michell Plested Ungifted- Gordon Korman Crafty Girl Cool Stuff– Jennifer Traig A Kids Guide To Sewing– Sophie Kerr Lovingly Alice-Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


If you are an avid reader or have always wanted to be a reader now you can enjoy a series of books without driving to the bookstore, taking the kids to the library or simply just browsing over a million books in every genre.  To make it even easier for you to get started you can enjoy 30 DAYS! FREE by downloading the app HERE




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