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HI DARLINGS! You know I always try to bring you cool stuff that I get a chance to try and out so I thought my collaboration with ThirdLove would be awesome to share since I was blown away by how amazing the fitting process was.

Trying to find a good fitting bra is forever a nightmare and I hate bra shopping so when I partnered with ThirdLove I was thrilled at how easy the entire process was. Essentially the system matches you to the perfect bra and then lets you try it for 30 days before you buy it. So here’s how it works…

 They walk you through a step-by-step easy to use process directly from the app!

So after I downloaded the app I went to the “Get Sized” tab and followed the video instructions. I then took my front and side pics and just like that I had a size match. It was so much better than trying on a bunch of bad fitting bras in a badly lit dressing room asking some woman to help get another size until I am ready to give up and go home.

 Having the ability to get sized right at home is awesome but now that I have been wearing my ThirdLove bras for a few weeks I can tell you first hand it worked like a charm and I have also now learned that I have been buying the wrong size bra for years, lol.

I couldn’t wait until my ThirdLove package arrived… not only were they gorgeous but they fit perfectly. I had no more underarm buldge, no gaping cups and no slipping straps.

 I am details sorta girl so I really liked the gold hardware! It gave it such a classy and rich feel to an already gorgeous bra. It’s for sure my go to site for the perfect fitting bras in great styles!

Go ahead and download the app, check out THE SITE and thank me later 😉


*Sponsored by ThirdLove*



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