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HI DARLINGS! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I have always enjoyed having a house full of family and friends and cooking for everyone. With covid, it has been challenging to be around those we love so this year we are making sure to enjoy togetherness, tradition, and family time but it’s just a bit smaller. 

Just because we will be having a smaller gathering of the immediate family doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy decorating and setting the holiday spirit. Walmart has the assortment and prices I need to make our home a joyful space.  Setting the table is the one thing I look forward to the most and I was able to find the most amazing vintage looking plates by Pioneer Woman.

Everything I needed to create a holiday home I found at Walmart! There were so many beautiful and broad assortments of dishes and decor for my table that it was hard to choose. I think everyone is going to love our tablescape this year. I also could not resist this cast iron pot!

Aside from all the great must-haves and low prices, Walmart makes shopping so convenient. I can shop online and ship or I can do curbside pick up.

I want the very best for my family and Walmart helps me do just that with affordable and quality products like this beautiful serving tray!

These small touches make for a wonderful and memorable holiday so I always remember to treat myself and since I am doing most of the cooking I picked up some new cookware and baking wear because cooking should look good too!

The most important thing about Thanksgiving is being able to enjoy one another and thanks to Walmart I am all set and ready to go! How are you planning to make this holiday joyful?

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I completely agree with you, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, although I can't say it's my favourite holiday, but it's on the conditional list. I also remember when we were assigned to write an essay about it, but thank God I turned to these guys and they completed this task one hundred percent, which was especially important for me, because thanks to them I was able to take a break from studying and do my own thing. In general, if I were to say my favourite holiday, it would be New Year's Eve, because it is the holiday when all dreams come true.


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