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My One on One With Jennifer Aniston

Hi Darlings, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it has been to be part of the Living Proof #YourBestHair campaign. Last month I flew down to Boston to visit the Living Proof Headquarters and get a tour of the lab to really learn about the science behind the products. Aside from learning so much about the brand I learned a lot about my hair and more importantly how I could improve it.

Spending time with Chris McMillan was a highlight and as I posted HERE he prescribed The Curl Collection for me. Since using the collection my hair has been AHHMAZING! I know a lot of times when you read reviews online (I am guilty of it too) you wonder if it’s really as great as they are saying and in this case IT IS!

My hair, although healthy, didn’t have the curl pattern I wanted. It just wouldn’t fully curl. Since using the Curl Collection my curls have been so bouncy and are getting better the longer my hair gets. I also noticed the texture of my hair is softer and shiner. My favorite product of the Curl Collection is the Curl Defining Styling Cream and the Leave-In Conditioner.

As if this opportunity had not been great enough already I got a chance to hang out with their Brand Ambassador Jennifer Aniston * INSERT SCREAM HERE*. Seriously who gets to say they got to hang out with Jennifer Aniston, LOL ME!!!!

First of all, SHE IS SO NICE, gorgeous and of course looked AMAZEBALLS! She had on a mini leather skirt with black opaque tights, an oversized black sweater and tall boots. I was a little nervous because come on people it’s RACHEL from Friends… exactly.

You know I had to wear something I made on the off chance that she asked if I had made my outfit and SHE DID! As soon as I walked in the room and she hugged me she asked “Did you make your whole outfit?”. I literally died! After I collected myself we sat down and chatted for a bit and I got to ask her all those random questions you wish you could ask your celebrity girl crush.


Here is how some of our conversation went… I asked her a ton of questions but here are my favorites and certainly the one that surprised me the most!

So of course I had to ask her what the theme song to her life would be if she could pick one song and she said “Let’s Party Like It’s 1999… Why not just have some fun with it”. For the record I think I laughed way too much out of nervousness and she probably thought I was nuts, LOL. I then had to know what she carries in her purse… don’t you want to know that? Lol… she was great about it and said she has a “Mary Poppins bag and finding things is impossible”. She said she usually carries a lip balm and lip gloss, hand cream and of course her wallet.

Then I asked her the most important question of all… Are you crafty and do you DIY? I expected her to say no, LOL but she surprised me and said YES! She did some beading, she painted watercolors, carved some animals out of wood and during her 20’s she knitted scarfs and hats and said the only reason she thinks she is not as crafty now is because she just doesn’t have the time.

So basically what I learned from my time with Jen is that we were possibly split at birth… I mean I am just saying… we both had on black opaque tights and black boots, we both love the movie Terms of Endearment, we also have the same guilty pleasure foods…Mexican, Pizza, Pasta and we are both crafty! I told you, SPLIT AT BIRTH!

The last question I had to know was what life lesson she would share with her 18 year old self if she could. Jen said exactly what I would tell me 18 year old self… “Don’t take yourself or anything too serious except trying to be the best person you can possibly be” WORDS TO LIVE BY.

I have truly enjoyed this collaboration so much and will continue to use my Living Proof products religiously.




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