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HI DARLINGS! I am beyond excited and emotional to finally share a new addition to Mimi G Style, my business and self-development PODCAST BUSINESS S.H.E.T!

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. I consult with brands all the time on how they can grow followings, be more engaging and expand on their products and although I have taught before on starting an online business with my tour “Passion To Profit” and my online “Blogging 101” course I have wanted to really share my experience in going from blogger to business owner with multiple branches all of which bring in various streams of revenue. I have been blogging for 5.5 years but my business is just over 4 years old and what I’ve accomplished in that short amount of time has blessed me so much that I am hoping to pay it forward.



BUSINESS S.H.E.T is a weekly podcast hosted by yours truly. The podcast will discuss topics of business and self-development that I wished someone had told me before I leaped into the world of self-employment. Using life experience, business highs, and lows and candid commentary I will be providing actionable insights you can implement to grow your business and change your life.


We are LIVE so head over using the links below to listen and please leave a review or rating. I’m hoping to share all the knowledge I have in my head in hopes that you can benefit from my experience.

I would be so grateful if after listening and enjoying the podcast you would subscribe!

The podcast name is BUSINESS S.H.E.T (SOLVE a problem, HELP your customer/followers get passed their current stage, EARN respect, and build TRUST) I talk more about this in the first episode.



  1. Link to subscribe via ITUNES 

  2. Search “Mimi G”

  3. Link to subscribe via ANDROID

  4. Link to the Business S.H.E.T WEBPAGE

If you post and share please use the following hashtags #mimigpodcast #businessshet, I would be so grateful.



I also have an email segment called “Talk Your SHET” so if you’d like me to tackle a specific area please email me. I will try to answer at least two emails in each episode. EMAIL US!






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