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My Living Proof Experience

Hi Darlings! Soo….remember my recent visit to Boston where I mentioned a bit about why I was there and how excited I was? Well now I get to tell you all of the awesomeness I experienced. When I got a call about participating in a unique experience with Living Proof I was thrilled, mostly because my daughter Chastidy, as many of you know, is a cosmetologist and had just been telling me how much she liked this Living Proof brand and had started using it on her clients.

I was excited for several reasons… First of all I was going on a trip to Boston! and second the idea of getting to meet the Living Proof team and experience a seriously educational behind-the-scenes look at the science behind the brand was far to amazing to pass up. I will say that after I told my daughter what I was going to be doing she was super jealous (awww, I brought her back some goodies tho)


When I arrived at the Living Proof  Lab I was greeted by the awesome team which included their Scientist Soo-Young who was brilliant, genuine and exuded a true love for what she does at Living Proof along with Eric Spengler the scientist who took us through the lab tour (more on that in a second). Honestly the entire team was amazing and you could tell that they took their mission seriously and were excited to show us around.

I was personally selected  (insert cheesy smile here) along with four other social media influencers who were sweet as pie. We all looked so different from one another which made the transformations so much fun. The girls (Bri of Design Love Fest, Keiko of Keiko Lynn, Cara of Maskcara and Sazan Hendrix of Sazan) and I were so ready to get the day started.


Now I will be honest and say that I wasn’t sure what to expect during the trip and having known very little about the brand upon my arrival made the experience even more interesting because I was truly impressed by what I was learning. The personal lab tour from Soo-Young and Eric Spengler was one those moments in life where you are standing around a group of people looking at each other going…Ohhhh….ahhhhhh… light bulb moments for sure.


It’s one thing to have a brand “tell you” what they do in commercials and advertisements but to have a brand “Show You” in person what they are truly about and the difference in their products is completely eye opening.


You know I was dying to put these goggles on and walk into the lab, lol! Living Proof believes the answers are found in science and they believe a product should keep its promises and I can attest that both of those are very much true. After the lab tour we got to experience a one on one with Living Proof Stylist (and Jennifer Aniston’s bestie!!!!) Chris McMillian who is a master at what he does.


I got to sit with him and Eric while they consulted on my hair and both agreed that my hair is fabulous LOL!! okay they really did say I had very healthy hair and that with the Curly Collection I could take my hair from really great to amazing and they were right.


After Chris played with my hair, did a little shaping and cutting and styled it he gave me my hair care prescription.



I have been using the entire The Living Proof Curl Collection since I got back home a few weeks ago and I started seeing a difference in my curl definition after abut 5 washes. If you follow the blog you know I always have a semi curl with a semi wave and the longer my hair gets the less curl I have…NOT ANYMORE! The curl conditioning wash and the curl defining styling cream are my top two fave’s followed by the leave in conditioner and the mousse. I mean seriously darlings look at these curls and shine!


I had a really great time and left feeling really excited about what I had learned, how authentic the brand was and how much I couldn’t wait to share with all of you. If you want to discover the best products for your hair type you should check out their Product Selector Tool. I hope you enjoyed my recap and stay tuned because I have another super cool post coming soon 😉

I will leave you with two of my favorite things…this video of my tour at the Living Proof lab and of course what else would a bunch of influencers do when put in the same room together? Take a massive selfie xoxo





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