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How I Styled My BucketFeet

Hi Darlings, I hope you all had a super dope weekend! I am excited because I get to bring you BucketFeet, an artist-designed  footwear brand that is changing the way people interact with art. I consider myself an artist, I work mostly with textiles, but have also painted and sculpted over the years so I have tremendous appreciation when art meets fashion! BucketFeet exists to connect people through art, by creating walking conversation-starters, and giving artists a platform to stand on. Let me tell you, when I walk around in my BucketFeet sneaks it’s a constant stream of questions. People are drawn to the amazing art and vibrance of the shoes and that is exactly the purpose.


Every pair of shoes comes with an artist card, in a super cool shoebox I had to keep, so you know exactly who designed your shoes! BucketFeet collaborates with artists from around the world to create products that stand out and tell a story. Painters, graffiti artists, writers, illustrators, tattooists and many more original creators are part of the BucketFeet Artist Network, 10,000+ artists in more than 50 countries!!

I know for me the idea of drawing on my shoes started when I was in middle school. I would doodle on my sneakers during class and even thought it didn’t make my mom very happy, lol to me it seemed like a totally normal thing to do. Now I can amazing artist from around the world doing the drawing.

I love the idea of having artwork on my feet and the fact that they are REALLY comfy adds to the charm. I don’t wear sneakers as often as I do my heels so when I do they must be fabulous, these are! I am a sucker for jeans and t-shirts and during the weekends that seems to be my uniform, but I have to have a little glam even in my casual weekend looks so here are two looks I love to wear and pair with my BucketFeet!



They have styles for women, men and kids so no one is left out! They also make the best gifts this holiday because they are affordable, versatile, creative, and fun! BucketFeet even has their own gift guide! These are some of my FAV’S!


Mid Top Dots: HERE / Blue East: HERE / Splash: HERE / Kinetics: HERE / Catapult: HERE / Patchwork: HERE


You know I wouldn’t forget about you guys right? So here is a  25% OFF DISCOUNT! For the first 20 readers to make a purchase.  Make sure to CLICK HERE  and enter code MIMIG25 at checkout.



*This post was sponsored by BucketFeet*



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