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DIY Temperley London Inspired Dress

Hi Darlings!!!!

I am back and exhausted, lol! what an amazing time I had in Atlanta. First let me say that the people of ATL were exceptional. Adrienne and I were sad to leave but will be back soon. I want to thank you for your patience in allowing me that little blogging break during my trip, but now that I am back to the grind I want to share pics and a video from the Meet and Greet.

I MUST give a special thanks to The B Firm for doing such an incredible job putting the meet and greet together for me, I literally just had to show up. If you are in need of great event planning, PR and more please pay them a visit. I also want to thank Piece of Cake for allowing us to take over their store on Collier and keeping it loud and busy for over 2hrs. AND…. the cake is OMG yummy delicious (the Caramel Cake was my favorite) You can check them out HERE.

I was also so humbled when through a sea of women I see a man dressed in his military fatigues head to toe (army I believe) he came to the meet and greet to see me and then took a patch off of his uniform and gave it to me. It was so touching and I will cherish it always. He said “I don’t sew but I love seeing your pictures in my timeline” Thank you so much for coming and for my gift that you have worked hard for and of course for your service to this country. I also had Mr. Well Dressed in attendance with his fly self, lol! Thanks for coming!

Okay here is a lovely video that @camermanatltv put together for me and some pics.


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