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HI DARLINGS! Well, I think this is the last post on the blog until 2019, you guys know I shut things down and take a much-deserved break during the holidays. I may be posting a year-end video on my YOUTUBE and I will still be posting and sharing on IG but that is about it. I have so many things to get done for my wedding!!! Norris and I are so excited and since we are planning for June we don’t have a whole lot of time to get everything done, thank goodness I have so much help around me.

Ok, let’s talk about my coat! This is an oldie but goodie and unfortunately, it’s out of print but you can still get it on Amazon. I made this coat years ago and loved it then so I when I started trying to sew up my stash I decided I would use this mystery fabric I picked up a while back at MICHAEL LEVINE.



I cut an XS. The pattern isn’t all that difficult. There is one-step after you do the pocket lining where it tells you to turn the pocket lining to the inside press and topstitch and then the next instruction says to attach the pocket facing to the pocket lining but doesn’t tell you to pull the pocket lining back out after pressing and topstitching so a newbie may find that confusing. I think I am making it again but will be lining it.





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