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Check Out This Years Workshops! Registration Opens In 48 Hrs.

Hi Darlings, the excitement around the conference is growing and it is so amazing to see how quickly our pre-sale tickets sold out. General registration opens on FRIDAY 2/19 @ 10AM PST so set an alarm on your phone and get ready. This year is going to be the best one yet! If you missed yesterday’s post you can check it out HERE.

Here is a super great photo/video recap of last years conference… and below that is an overview of this years workshops.

We are so excited about this years workshops. Having such a large group every year (275-300) we try to keep the workshops manageable and fun. I have added some new really great classes for our new and returning attendees of ANY skill level.

Attendee Fashion Show: Last years fashion show was amazing and this year I can’t even imagine what you guys will put on the runway. Info on participating will be posted Friday.

Sloper/Block Pattern Workshop: Pattern drafting is essential to any new seamstress. We will be creating a sloper/block pattern custom-fitted to your measurements that can be used to alter the fit of a commercial pattern and from which multiple styles can be created.  You will learn how to take proper body measurements and will work with a partner. The class will be a stepping stone to so many new options you will create for yourself.

  1. Class by Mimi G.

  2. Level: Any skill level

Make Any Size Pattern Work For You? Do you wonder how to sew from a pattern that is not “plus size” Do you struggle trying to figure out where to alter and what to alter? Well now you won’t need to ever worry about that! This class will teach you how to modify commercial patterns to fit your curvy figure.

  1. Class by Kelly Horton

  2. Level: Any skill level

Finishing Your Garments: Learn how to finish your hems, seam allowances, facings and more. Making the inside of your garment look as nice as the outside is key to avoiding the “home-sewn” look. Learn industry tips, techniques and examples on finishing from an incredible expert.

  1. Class by Deborah Kreiling of Simplicity Creative Group

  2. Level: Any skill level

Starting A Sewing Business: If you have learned to sew and see the potential in starting a business then you are in luck because this year we will be teaching on how to start a sewing/fashion business. We will be covering how to set yourself up, how to price yourself, how to find the right client, how to source materials and so much more. On top of all that amazing information I have two special guest speakers… Tieko Nejon will be teaching you how to develop and execute the LOOK of your brand so you can stand apart from the rest. Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche will be teaching you how to budget for your business, how to make smart choices and how to survive that first year!

  1. Class by Mimi G, Tieko Nejon and Tiffany Aliche

  2. Level: Any skill level

After soaking in all that amazing info we will be headed to a fabric shopping tour of the LA Fashion District. There will be block upon blocks of fabrics and trims. We charter a bus and have a blast! There will be games, prizes, giveaways, social media interactions and a whole lot of FUN!!




This years workshops are going to be amazing! I can't wait for July.-3



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